The difference between a physical and office visit.

We would like to help our patients understand the difference between an office visit and a physical. This is important when we submit a bill to your insurance provider.  When scheduling an appointment, our office tries to determine how much time you need with the doctor and whether the doctor will be performing a physical.

An office visit is an appointment to discuss new or existing health problems. The questions and exam will focus on your health issue. As a result of your visit, you may be prescribed medication,  or additional tests may be arranged such as an in-office EKG. You may also be referred to a specialist or sent for additional testing, such as X-Ray or blood draw testing.

A physical exam is a preventative health exam where a thorough review of your health and well being is assessed.  The doctor will review your known medical problems and perform a thorough physical examination. The doctor will provide recommendations on diet and exercise and provide any recommended immunizations and exams.

In the event that a routine physical exam requires additional evaluation, your insurance may be billed for both the physical exam and an office visit.

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